Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Permission denied for to call method Location.toString on

I keep getting these javascript errors -

Permission denied for to call method Location.toString on

GM80 is not defined

They show up in firebug, and appear to be due to google analytics. Looking on Google, I see nothing - surprisingly, the phrase "GM80 is not defined" is not even indexed (as of today - update, it took Google just a few minutes for this post to be indexed), but it's hard to believe no one else runs into this.

It doesn't seem to cause any real problems, just throws errors once in a while.


  1. I think these errors are showing up when I leave Firefox open with multiple tabs on Twitter, Gmail, Etc. The errors may be happening on other tabs, but appearing in the tab I'm currently on.

    Just received another one: GM5 is not defined - this one occurred in twitter.js.

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I have the same issue; any ideas?

  3. I keep seeing this error. The last time it came up, it was from a javascript file referenced from a site. I believe it could have had something to do with the other tabs that were open - I was on an article that had the ability to 'share' on twitter or facebook, and that page may have been throwing the error.

    I'm confident it's not my code but all those errors are annoying