Thursday, February 01, 2007

Urban Spoon

A nice restaurant directory site called Urban Spoon was created by a couple friends and ex-Jobster dudes. I visit it regularly and use it to look up good places for lunch or dinner.

The best thing about it - it's being made by just two guys - Ethan and Adam. With a low overhead and simple concept, they have a great chance of becoming self-sustaining quickly and becoming a valuable property. We've all heard the story about Plenty of Fish - a great example of a single individual creating a valuable property on the web. The future looks bright for small teams creating inovative, new ideas as well as competing against the larger, established companies. After all, once the concept is established and proven by a large company, it's trivial for a micro company to create something similar for a niche. Many times, it can be made better with the latest, more powerful, and less expensive tools.

For an individual (or two) with skills in development, design, and deployment, a whole new set of possibilities are opening up to compete and succeed on the web.

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