Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Going to Snapvine

I left Jobster last week, and am now working for Snapvine. Snapvine is a small, web 2.0 company - specializing in voice applications. Their most popular application right now is the VoicePlayer - a widget that goes on any web page that allows visitors to the site to call and leave messages and the message appear on the page. Instead of typing comments, you can leave audio for everyone to hear.

It's very popular for social networking sites, like MySpace or Bebo.

Snapvine's page on MySpace

The demographic of the Snapvine user tends to be younger, hipper, and more social than the average internet surfer.

The next generation has many differences than the current one, and it takes a little getting used to (if your older than 30). Here's a great article about Kids and their attitudes in the internet age.

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