Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Search Engine Optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you are using LinkedIn, the professional networking site, you can create a custom url. It will have the form of something like (your name if you want). This is great for people searching for you by name.

But, if they happen to be searching for you by skill or quality, like "java" or "creative", this doesn't help you show up in search results. To optimize your page for search results, so searches on google on specific keywords will bring up your site, you may want to choose another term. What term would you want to be associated with? "manager", "java", or maybe "retired".

To have your link appear for terms that matter to you, you might want to use these terms in your public profile url to help searchers find you. This could be the small tweak needed to have your profile page stand out on a Google Search result over another candidate.

PS - I was able to get


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