Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rhapsody - 'My Library' is missing.

I use Rhapsody from and it's great. I'm definately a streamer - I don't really care about collecting music, and I would much rather be discovering new music and staying up-to-date. But, the service is really buggy - always has been. I just discovered a fix for one of those problems - it's when your saved library just disappears - this usually happens during an upgrade which is often. Anyway, here's the fix (from a guy named Lopez)

1. Open My Computer
2. Open the C: drive
3. Open Documents and Settings folder
4. Open your user profile folder
5. Find the Application Data folder and open it. (note this folder might be hidden)
5a. To unhide this folder please Click on tools and folder options
5b. Then click on the view tab and select show hidden files and folders.
6. Find and open the real folder
7. Delete the Rhapsody and RhapsodySDK folders.
8. Close all windows.Hope this information helps.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get back in the box

The title of this book is very misleading. Primarily, "Get back in the box" is about how brands are trying to be more interactive than they were in the past. Today, brands are extending the interactivity and embedding themselves into users lives further than before. They are trying to be fun, and fit in. It is no longer about wearing a brand, it's about identifying with it and interacting. When I read it, I felt many times that the author was incredibly insightful - no one else had identified this trend.

The long tail

I recently read The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson. I liked it very much.

A couple great points - we are moving towards massively parallel cultures - where you and another person in your city can live completely different lives culturally - watching different tv, visiting different restaurants, listening to different music - all because there is so much choice. People tend to say things like "The next generation is so different than the last", but that's only half true.

As for the long tail itself, there are many industries where the long tail has not been tapped into. The trick is to see them and go for that market. In recruiting - this may be enabling the "passive candidate" to become a prospect. In the past this was too difficult to find, but with social networking sites like LinkedIn and Jobster, this is now possible.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogger's been slow has lots of new interesting features, but it's been really slow lately. I suspect it will be fixed soon and it is now "out of beta".

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Search Engine Optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you are using LinkedIn, the professional networking site, you can create a custom url. It will have the form of something like (your name if you want). This is great for people searching for you by name.

But, if they happen to be searching for you by skill or quality, like "java" or "creative", this doesn't help you show up in search results. To optimize your page for search results, so searches on google on specific keywords will bring up your site, you may want to choose another term. What term would you want to be associated with? "manager", "java", or maybe "retired".

To have your link appear for terms that matter to you, you might want to use these terms in your public profile url to help searchers find you. This could be the small tweak needed to have your profile page stand out on a Google Search result over another candidate.

PS - I was able to get

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Freezing temperatures in Seattle

A little snow and freezing temperatures on the wet streets and Seattle is shut down. About half the people at Jobster make it into work on these days - the rest work remotely. This year - we've seen this happen 3 or 4 times which is odd. This rarely happens in Seattle. We just don't have wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations like this.

Electric Cars

My bet for the future is battery power - not hydrogen fuel cells or ethanol or anything else. If batteries could be made to recharge quickly, hold a lot of energy, and weigh a reasonable amount, we'll have the potential to store all the renewable energy we can grab from wind, solar, hydro-electric. Of course, you have to build batteries, create plastic, mine for metals, etc - so hopefully the battery power will be able to do all these things too. I suspect we'll see some small breakthroughs in battery technology which will be ideal for a specific type of car - maybe a sportscar, delivery van, or urban commuter. Hopefully we'll see some exciting innovations in 2007.

Layoffs at Jobster

On January 3rd, we got the word at work that 60 people were being laid off at Jobster. We had heard rumors and there was plenty of drama before this so it was not a surprise to me on January 3rd. Nor am I concerned. In this case, this is probably a sign that Jobster is undergoing a correction more than a collapse. The hiring boom of 2006 at Jobster was (in hindsight) not supported by the business and the company was simply too big.

Working for a startup is tough to recommend to anyone. These things happen, and its tough to watch friends lose their jobs or to lose your own job (which happened to me at Nimble technology), but people always bounce back, you learn a lot, and it can be a benefit.

Custom styles on Grovr

I was able to do a little work on Grovr over the break - rewriting the model that supports styles. I released the new version on January 2.

Grovr now has the ability to add styles, if you know CSS. I know, niche market, but that's OK - good for some - like MySpace where you can modify the look and feel, I can now say Grovr has that too. Just like MySpace. We're practically the same.